Week 1 // Voting - JROCK_LIMS: Last Icon Maker Standing
JROCK_LIMS: Last Icon Maker Standing
December 11th, 2006 04:08 pm
Week 1 // Voting

bye_bi_cycle used her skip for this week.
jrocker & kasandara_yuy failed to enter an icon or request to skip this week and are therefore eliminated unless they comment to this post with their reasons why. They have until voting for this challenge ends.

1. You are voting for the icon with lesser quality than the rest. This means that your vote should be based on the overall quality of the icon, and not because you don't like a particular style or generally dislike the icon. Take note of the technical aspects of the icon - cropping, coloring, sharpening, amount of/placement of brushes, text placement, etc.

2. Comment on this post with ONE icon. For each icon please include a reason why you are voting for them. The explanation can be short like this:

76. The icon is sharpened too much
86. The picture is too dark
109. The text is unreadable and not sharp enough

This is not a must, however, but it can be a good source of improvement if the icon maker voted out asks for them (all comments will remain anonymous).
Please keep in mind, you're voting for the overall quality of the icons, not your personal preference of style. Votes with 'I don't like...' will therefore not count!

All comments will be screened.

3. Under your choice of icon of lesser quality please choose one favorite icon in the set for the Member's Choice icon. You don't have to give a reason for this one, but it would be nice.

Voting ends Thursday, December 14th at 3 p.m. US Eastern Time. The results will be posted shortly after that. The next challenge will be posted next Monday. After that I'm hoping to start a normal pattern for challenges and voting.
Good Luck!


Imageshack is no longer allowed for hosting icons. For some reason it doesn't always work in the tables. Please use Photobucket, it's free.

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