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jrock_lims's Journal

JROCK_LIMS: Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to jrock_lims. This community provides a series of challenges similar to most icontest communities. The difference is that this community is made to choose the best icon maker by eliminating icon makers one by one until only one icon maker is left, the LIMS - Last Icon Maker Standing. Everyone can join, although I’d suggest you should at least be a semi-advanced icon maker. Why? Because people will be voted out, so if you cannot handle that or criticism, then you probably shouldn’t join.

This community is inspired by other LIMS, like narnia_lims,firefly_lims ,robert_limsand coffee_lims.

1. You first must sign up here. Sign ups are open until September 30th. The first challenge will start on Monday, October 2nd. You have to join the community before signing up!
To show that you’ve read the rules, put the phrase ‘Love is dead’ in your sign up comment ;)

2. Signing up means you agree to participate in every challenge. However, every member is allowed one bye-week, which you will be able to skip if you comment to that week's post. You will get an extra bye if you pimp this challenge and leave the link in the bye-post before sign-ups are closed.

3. Every week I will images you must use, a theme you must incorporate, or other special instructions. You must read the rules for each challenge carefully.

4. Challenges will start on Mondays, your icons are due Fridays at 3 p.m. EST. After this, voting will start. If you don’t make the deadline, you will be disqualified from submitting further icons.

5. When you vote you will vote for your least favorite icon, not the icons you like the most! You will be voting people out of the competition. The ones with the most votes won’t be allowed to enter further challenges - but they will be allowed to vote on future challenges.
Voting will be by screened comments, and you must leave a comment as to why you voted for that icon. Comments will be unscreened after voting ends, so please be polite. No flaming.

6. All entries must remain anonymous. All icons will be submitted only to the challenge post of this week, comments will be screened. You are not allowed to post your icons elsewhere until voting has ended. Make sure to include the URL with your icon.


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